Thursday, March 1, 2012

Review: Moisturizers

When I first discovered Lush in August, I fell in love with Imperialis.  I don't know how it works, but it works.

I have no idea what my skin type is.  It's hard to categorize when people ask oily, dry, combination?  All of the above!  It depends on a lot of things: the weather, the type of cleanser I use, my level of activity (like when I've just taken a shower after working out and I'm still sweaty), etc.

During the summer months, Imperialis was the perfect moisturizer for me.  It was lightweight with a matte finish.  My face did not feel greasy.  It was easy for me to apply powder immediately afterwards (yes that's all the makeup I wear!) and my face was balanced all day.

Then winter hit, and my skin needed more.  I tried Celestial, because I love the way it smells, but it was too greasy for me.  (I still keep it on hand because I could use it as a night moisturizer.)  But eventually I settled on Vanishing Cream, and I think I'm in love with this one even MORE than Imperialis!

And now I know why they call it Vanishing Cream. (:  It instantly soaks into your skin.  It is so light, yet clears up any dry patches that appear when I get out of the shower.  It smells a little like Dream Cream -- must be the lavender -- but I'm getting used to that.

Overall, I'd say you can't choose which moisturizer is right for you based upon my review.  You should go to a Lush store, demand samples of all of them, and give them a try.  Price-wise, they're cheaper than most department store cosmetic facial moisturizers -- and you'll feel better about using it.