Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cocktail: Shampoos and Conditioners

Ok, so not so much a "cocktail" as a perfect pairing of Lush shampoo and conditioners.

I think I love Lush hair care more than anything.  It's done wonders for my hair and the shampoo bars are just so dang ingenious!  I've tried most of the shampoo bars, aside from the obvious that wouldn't work well with me (Soak and Float, Jumping Juniper), and my husband has toiled around with all of the liquid shampoos.  The winners?  Well, he loves Rehab.  My favorites are:

Irresistible Bliss shampoo bar with American Cream conditioner -- I was really surprised with Irresistible Bliss and the mild honeysuckle scent that lingers.  However, its cleansing agents are also mild.  It leaves my hair a little dry, so I feel like I need to use a heavier conditioner with it.  Luckily, the scent of American Cream conditioners pairs nicely and my hair smells yummy all day.

Karma Komba shampoo bar with Veganese conditioner -- I never thought I would like anything Karma scented, but the orange oil really balances out the patchouli smell.  Also, its magical oils (orange and lavendin) really nourishes my hair, so a light conditioner like Veganese pairs well.  Also, the light citrus scent of Veganese matches the citrus tones of Karma Komba perfectly.  Lush really knows their stuff, huh? (:

Godiva solid shampoo bar with Forever in Bloom -- Godiva is my favorite shampoo bar, and I've reviewed it before.  Because there's no need for conditioner, I use it on my three year old.  In the past, I've rarely used it because I used to pair it with American Cream, and the combination of the two was really too heavy for my hair.  But since, I've discovered Forever In Bloom...

Forever in Bloom was made to be paired with Godiva!  The consistency is very runny, similar to Coolaulin, both more runny than Veganese.  I also feel like it absorbs into my hair quickly, so I find myself using more of it than my other conditioners.  But it works, so I don't mind.  It has infusions of chamomile, jasmine and honeysuckle.  The scent is very mild -- you don't feel like you've been hit with a heavy floral scent, but it does pair nicely with floral shampoos.  If it works for you, you could also pair it with Irresistible Bliss.

With the many shampoos Lush has to offer, I feel like there's something for everyone.  These are just a few of my favorites.

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