Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Haul: Christmas and More

My three year old loves all things pink and princess.  So naturally, I had to buy some Snow Fairy products for her.  The Snow Fairy gift set included Snow Fairy shower gel, a star shaped Angel's Delight soap, and a Shimmy Shimmy.  I also bought 2 Magic Wands and a large bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel -- the small one will not last long enough! 

I also purchased the Gingerbread Tin -- mostly for the cute reusable tin!  But it also contained lots of Christmas items I have yet to try: Cinders and So White bath bombs, and Gingerbread House and Candy Mountain bubble bars.  Unfortunately, no Golden Tickets in either gifts.  Maybe next time!

Oh, and a big bottle of Veganese that'll last me a few months. (:

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